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Andy Jamault Nature Trail

Welcome to the Andy Jamault Trail

Spend the afternoon wandering through the four nature trails which wind their way
along the bank of the Carrot River.

There are maps available at the Interpretive Center for you to follow
or they can be mailed to you upon request.
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The well-marked Andy Jamault Nature Trail is a comfortable 5 km (3 mile) walk from the campgrounds to the site of the Big Bert's discovery. This main trail is named after the man who helped develop the trail, a good friend and neighbour, amateur paleontologist Dickson Hardie.   Learn all about Big Bert here!

There has also been an official archeological dig here as well and the site has been designated a Heritage Site.

Unfortunately due to this year's extremely wet conditions, our three shorter trails which weave their way along the banks of the Carrot River are closed.  Usually you would be able to see:

  • "The Shale" rock formation that indicates a marine setting;
  • The "extinction line" believed by some to be evidence of the theory that an asteroid struck the earth and caused major extinction;
  • Fascinating beaver dams and other wildlife habitats;
  • Spectacular scenic views of the riverbed;
  • Beautiful Ostrich ferns lining the valley;
  • Huge volcanic ash beds, and
  •  In the past, seasonal investigations have been carried out by scientific teams, including archeologists and paleontologists from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina, and the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.


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