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Dickson and Tim
Croc Cast Dickson Hardie, a long-time resident and amateur paleontologist has been finding odd looking "bits and bones" for years. Dickson's discoveries eventually caught the interest of paleontologist Tim Tokaryk from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and Tim's team began digging at Pasquia. They made their first major discoveries in 1991.

Discoveries at Pasquia to date are from the Cretaceous Period, and include many different plants, toothed birds, crocodiles, sharks, bony fish, dinosaurs, turtles, and marine reptiles called plesiosaurs. Volcanic ash beds are also present at the three archeological sites.

The bird fossils found at the site "Hardie 1" include a whole genus that was previously unknown and has since been named Pasquaornis hardiei in honor of Dickson Hardie. Bird fossils of the species odontornithes are the oldest of their kind in North America and shed new light on their evolution. Two fourteen-foot-long fish skeletons found above Big Bert may also be the oldest of their kind in the world.

Also of great interest is the "extinction line". This line is a dark stratum containing a high level of iridium, a rare substance associated with the theory that an asteroid struck Earth near the end of the Mesozoic era and caused major extinction.

A significant amount of fossil material still remains at the site, and paleontological exploration will continue at Pasquia Park.

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